At Unembeza, our commitment to conscious living extends throughout our lodge as we strive to be aware of our impact on all aspects of life in our beautiful town of Hoedspruit.

  • From the renovating of the lodge, to the stocking of our kitchens, we strive to source local goods and services and support our local community.
  • We are committed to the principles of reduce, recycle, reuse and support community-driven tourism and entrepreneurial initiatives.
  •  We’re conscious of the amount of water we use to run our lodge and actively look for ways to offset this, including through our grey-water system.


In South Africa, girls and women face enormous challenges, especially when it comes to reproductive health. Yet we know it is possible to take effective, practical action that enables girls and women to fulfill their potential. One of the charities that Unembeza supports is Seeds of Light, a non-profit organisation that works in communities around Hoedspruit. In particular, we support their work to ensure the dignity of young women by providing them with sanitary wear.

“Many young girls can’t afford sanitary products and have little knowledge of their bodies’ biological processes and even less reproductive health information. Along with the other risks this poses, girls miss up to five days of school a month when they are menstruating. Providing sanitary wear gives girls greater choice and control over their bodies and is part of a broader programme to address issues of teen pregnancy, gender violence and HIV/Aids.  If we reach girls early enough, we can improve their their life chances and help break the cycle of poverty.”
Former Seeds of Light Director, Dr. Wendy Fraser.

Each sanitary pack cost only R 200 and can last a girl up to five years.The packs include:

  • 1 colourful, poly-cotton drawstring bag
  • 6 washable, absorbent pads
  • 3 pairs of underwear
  • 1 instruction sheet
  • 1 resealable plastic bag


If you’d like to make an additional donation to Seeds of Light, or learn more about the organisation, visit  You can also use the box at reception to make a cash donation to support their invaluable work.